ACT 2017
  • 《Lookout》

    Andy Field [UK] and Aiju Primary School [China] Presents

  • 《In Good Hands》

    Catherine Ireton and Grace Kiely [Ireland] Presents

  • 《Perle 》

    Thomas Eccleshare [UK] Presents

  • 《Of Riders and Running Horses》

    Still House [British] Presents

  • 《Wot? No Fish!!》

    Bread & Circuses [UK] Presents

  • 《Condanced Histories》

    Foofwa d'Imobilité [Swiss] Presents

  • 《Rising》

    Aakash Odedre Dance Company [UK] Presents

  • 《Komplizen-Reloaded》

    Cie zeitSprung [Switzerland] Presents

  • 《Hopera》

    E.sperimenti Dance Company [Italy] Presents

  • 《About My Parents and Their Child》

    Ibsen International [China] Presents

  • One-to-one Performance

    Lookout —— Caravan Showcase

    Chinese Dialogue·No Surtitles

    Duration: 30mins (No Intermission)


    Andy Field [UK] and Aiju Primary School [China] Presents


    An encounter between one adult audience member and one child performer,

    looking out on the city.



    Created in collaboration with local school children, Lookout is a one-to-one encounter between one adult audience member and one child performer taking place somewhere overlooking the city. 


    Together performer and audience member look out at the city and imagine its future. The conversation they share is a quiet journey through the past, present and future guided by the streets and landmarks laid out before them.


    Through dreams of utopian architecture and possible catastrophes, hopes and fears, future fashions, proposed demolitions and progress real and imagined, they explore two very different versions of the city they both inhabit. An exchange between two people who might not normally meet, about a future world they may or may not share.


    Lookout is an attempt to consider big questions in a small way. Developed through a series of workshops with local children, each new version of the piece is unique to the city it is created in and the people who call that place home.


    Date: Dec 8th-10th, 2017

    Venue: MOCA Shanghai

    (Gate 7 People’s Park, 231 Nanjing West Road)

    Special project. Pre-booking needed. More details will be announced.


    *No latecomers

    *Suitable for audience members over 15 years of age


    Part of the caravan showcase of new English performance. Co-produced by Farnham Maltings and ACT with investment from Arts Council England and British Council.


    Groups Introduction

    Andy Field is an artist, writer and curator based in London. He has created performance work on his own and with a variety of collaborators since 2007.


    Andy creates formally unusual projects that invite us to consider our relationships both to the spaces we inhabit and the people around us. Over the last decade this has manifested itself across a range of forms and disciplines, including street games, event scores, installations, interactive encounters, studio theatre shows and one-to-one performances.


    Andy’s work has been presented by organisations including The Natural History Museum (London), BIOS (Athens), Festival of Live Art (Melbourne), the caravan showcase (Brighton), Abrons Arts Centre (New York), Fusebox Festival (Austin), Terni Festival (Terni), Wellcome Collection (London), New Visions Festival (Hong Kong), The Times Museum (Guangzhou), 1933 Contemporary (Shanghai), Festival:Bom (Seoul) and the Arnolfini Gallery (Bristol).


    Alongside his artistic practice Andy has written about contemporary performance for a number of publications including the Guardian, Contemporary Theatre Review, This Is Tomorrow, The Stage and Exeunt magazine. His writing has been included in collections including Programme Notes: Case Studies in Location experimental theatre (2013) Audience Revolution: Dispatches from the Field (2016), Imagined Theatres: Writing for a Theoretical Stage (2017). In 2016 Andy was writer-in-residence for Urban Heat, a pan-European project exploring art, activism and urban space.


    Andy is the co-director of Forest Fringe, an award-winning artist-led project creating festivals and events at the Edinburgh Festival and across the world.


    Staff List

    Artist: Andy Field

    Producer: Beckie Darlington 

  • In Good Hands —— Caravan Showcase

    Interactive theatre·Site-specific·Musical

    English Dialogue·Chinese Surtitles

    Duration: 60mins (No Intermission)

    Catherine Ireton and Grace Kiely [Ireland] Presents


    It is an immersive and interactive performance.



    In Good Hands is a two-person interactive musical performed in a working salon. It is inspired by the world of hairdressers - of secrets, trust and our human need to connect.


    The story is set in the fictional Irish village of Ballybracken where hairdresser Julie has recently taken over the salon from her grandmother. Julie is trying to modernise the salon by offering ‘virtual haircuts to all her loyal clients. Meanwhile loud-mouthed regular, Lisa, is waiting for her hair to set for her big night out tonight. But as Lisa flicks through the trashy magazines she finds that she has something important that she needs to get off her chest. Throughout the show Julie and Lisa sing songs that tell stories of the salon and explore the value of connection and touch. The small audience of thirty are cared for and treated as valued customers, theyre given cups of tea, magazines to read and some lucky audience members even get their hair done. All the while passers-by on the street outside can hear the music through a live PA and stop to watch the show through the salon windows.


    Over the course of 60 minutes – the time it takes for a wash, cut and blow dry - the small dramas of this rural Irish village unfold. Through original songs and playful storytelling in a familiar and ordinary setting In Good Hands celebrates the ritual of hairdressing, everyday intimacy and the things that connect us.


    Date: 11:00 am & 1:00 pm, Dec 8th-10th, 2017

    Venue: TAO Hair (93-2 north xiangyang road)

    Special project. Pre-booking needed. More details will be announced.


    Part of the caravan showcase of new English performance. Co-produced by Farnham Maltings and ACT with investment from Arts Council England and British Council.


    Groups Introduction

    CATHERINE IRETON - Writer, performer

    Catherine Ireton is a theatre maker and songwriter based in South East England. She specialises in creating site-specific performances in non-theatre spaces where music can have an immediate connection with the audience. She has created two solo shows, and has performed across UK, Ireland, Korea and China. Winner of the Brighton Fringe Best Music award 2016, her previous musical collaborations include Belle and Sebastian, God Help the Girl and Go Away Birds. Catherine’s work is produced by Farnham Maltings. 


    GRACE KIELY - Writer, performer

    Multi-instrumentalist, actor and theatre-maker Grace Kiely has ten years experience creating and performing professional theatre in Ireland. Founding member of award- winning Irish Theatre Company, Moonfish, she has previously co-devised and performed shows with

    Mephisto, Fibin and Branar, and was nominated for best supporting actress in Ireland in 2013 (Irish Times Theatre Awards).


    ED BRIGGS - Sound Designer

    Ed Briggs works in music, film, sculpture and live performance. Graduating from the University of Sussex with a first class honours degree in music and an MA in composition with distinction, he has performed internationally both as a solo artist and as part of other touring projects. His installation work has been exhibited both in the UK and in Europe. He has just been awarded a funded phd scholarship at University of Sussex to explore music and sound technology.


    GAVIN STRIDE, Farnham Maltings - Co-Director, Producing Company

    Farnham Maltings are producers and developers of new independent theatre (Little Bulb, Victoria Melody) and Gavin has spent the past 30 years as a director and producer of new theatre, predominantly in non-theatre spaces for new audiences. He has taken work to the National Theatre in London, Georgia, Canada and Australia and his production of Independent People was selected for the Reykjavik European City of Culture.


    Staff List

    Playwriter & Performer: Catherine Ireton and Grace Kiely

    Musical direction & Arrangement: Ed Briggs

    Director: Gavin Stride

  • Theatre

    Perle —— Caravan Showcase

    Mime Show ·Little Chinese Dialogue·Chinese Surtitles

    Duration: 60mins (No Intermission)


    Thomas Eccleshare [UK] Presents


    A live comic book about obsession.



    Perle is a poignant and comic show told by one performer and his television through a bold mixture of cartoon and live action. Based on one of the oldest poems in English, Perle tells the story of a young father coming to terms with loss. This new version re-imagines the classic text as a live comic book using animation, mime and an original electronic soundtrack.


    Date: 7:30 pm, Dec 13th-14th, 2017

    Venue: 1933 Micro Theatre (2nd Floor Building#1, No.611 Liyang Road)

    Price: RMB 120


    *Best for 12+


    Part of the caravan showcase of new English performance. Co-produced by Farnham Maltings and ACT with investment from Arts Council England and British Council.


    Groups Introduction

    Dancing Brick is a theatre company based in the South East of England that makes bold, poetic, visual theatre. It’s work has toured nationally and internationally and has been nominated for two Total Theatre Awards, won the Arches Brick Award and the Guardians Best of the Fringe. Dancing Brick are associate artists at Farnham Maltings. The writer of Perle, Thomas Eccleshare, is a multi-award winning playwright currently on attachment at the Royal Court in London.


    Staff List

    Thomas Eccleshare, Valentina Ceschi

  • Dance

    Of Riders and Running Horses —— Caravan Showcase

    English Song Lyrics·No Surtitles

    Duration: 50mins (No Intermission)


    Still House [British] Presents


    A stirring and visceral dance event by Still House.

    Six female dancers and a live band conjure a new kind of old dance,

    An insistent rhythm, a joyful step into what it means to move together.



    Of Riders and Running Horses is a new project from Still House, a performance company making work across dance/theatre and film, led by theatre-maker and choreographer Dan Canham with Associate Director Laura Dannequin.


    Of Riders and Running Horses is an dance event which takes the raw ingredients of a folk event; public space, the night, live-music and ritual and imbues it with the ‘modern, progressive sensibilities and choreographic vocabulary so distinctive in Dans work.


    Fundamental to the heart of this project is an original, exhilarating audience experience that disrupts the everyday; a generous and ambitious animation of unusual space; a focus on ritual that is seductive to audiences from beyond a theatre context. The movement material draws inspiration from current styles that could be considered a kind of modern folk dance: jump-style, free step and house dancing among others.


    Of Riders and Running Horses is an exhilarating and thorough excavation of the relationship between movement and music whereby each informs the other.


    Live music is a major component of the piece, with a score created by acclaimed musicians/composers Sam Halmarack and Typesun (real name Luke Harney).


    It is wild and beautiful, experimental in endeavour and accessible in reach. It disarms and delights. You will want to join in.


    Date: 7:30 pm, Dec 14th-16th & 2:30 pm, Dec 16th, 2017

    Venue: Experimental Theater, Shanghai international dance center

          (1650 Hongqiao Road)

    Price: RMB 180


    *General Admission


    Part of the caravan showcase of new English performance. Co-produced by Farnham Maltings and ACT with investment from Arts Council England and British Council.


    Groups Introduction

    Through his company Still House, Dan Canham makes visually poetic work within a variety of forms that includes dance-theatre, film and audio-visual installation. Dan is Artistic Director of Still House and works collaboratively with a diverse range of practitioners in both his solo and ensemble output.


    Primarily engaged with live performance as a choreographer/ dancer; what lies at the heart of the work is an exploration that puts the performer(s) and the stories of real experience in the spotlight. The aesthetic of his indoor work is detailed but often stripped down, leaving space for the performers to conjure without the clutter of overtly literal design. Dan is interested in the collective imagination of performers and audiences and uses intricate sound design and movement as a playful narrator.


    Alongside his own practice Dan regularly works as movement director, devisor and choreographic dramaturg across a range of different projects.


    Of Riders and Running Horses marks a significant departure from studio-based verbatim work, into a larger-scale exploration of what these choreographic instincts conjure in performer and audience when in response to an event or ritual rather than a particular person or story. It also stakes a claim on a developing interest in making work with live music in the public realm. The notion of community remains fundamental.


    Dan has previously worked as performer with DV8 Physical Theatre, Kneehigh, Punchdrunk and Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre among others. His first piece 30 Cecil Street was met with considerable acclaim and continues to tour internationally. His recent Ours Was the Fen Country has delighted audiences and critics alike and has toured extensively throughout the UK in both urban and rural contexts.


    Staff List

    Director: Dan Canham

    Associate Director: Laura Dannequin

    Composer / Musician: Typesun (Luke Harney)

    Composer / Musician: Sam Halmarack

    Producer: MAYK

    Performer: Anna Kaszuba

    Performer: Odilia Egyiawan

    Performer: Tilly Webber

    Performer: Stephanie McMann

    Performer: Robia Milliner

    Costumer Designer: Bianca Ward

    Production Manager: Ethan Hudson

  • Theatre· Solo Performance

    Wot? No Fish!! —— Caravan Showcase

    English Dialogue·Chinese Surtitles

    Duration: 80mins (No Intermission)


    Bread & Circuses [UK] Presents


    "A show about love… made with love." Lyn Gardner, the Guardian



    A true story of love, art, history and fish balls.


    Premiering to critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival 2013, Wot? No Fish!! Tells the true story of a Jewish family living in 20th century London. From falling in love to quarrels about fish balls, audiences are taken on a funny and moving journey against the backdrop of a changing city.


    In 1926 shoemaker, Ab Solomons, drew on the wage packet he gave to his new wife Celie. Throughout their marriage and into the 80s, Ab drew or painted on his wage packet every week for her. These illustrations depict, with remarkable honesty, the ups and downs of their life together.


    Years later Danny Braverman discovered the lost art of his Great-uncle Ab on over 3000 wage packets. Now bread&circuses bring his story to life on stage in this captivating performance.


    Date: 2:00 pm, Dec 16th-17th & 7:30 pm, Dec 16th, 2017

    Venue: 1933 Micro Theatre (2nd Floor Building#1, No.611 Liyang Road)

    Price: RMB 120


    *Not suitable for children below 13


    Part of the caravan showcase of new English performance. Co-produced by Farnham Maltings and ACT with investment from Arts Council England and British Council.


    Staff List

    Collaboration: Danny Braverman & Nick Philippou

    Playwriter & performer: Danny Braverman

    Original direction: Nick Philippou

    Technical Manager: Simon Jackson-Lyall

    International Tour Producer: Charlene Lim

  • Performance

    Condanced Histories


    English Dialogue·Chinese Surtitles

    Duration: 120mins (No Intermission)


    Foofwa d'Imobilité [Swiss] Presents


    A choreographic and pedagogical one-man-show about his/stories of dance



    The wonderful world of 20th century dance is packed with illustrious names, such as Loi?e Fuller, Rudolf Laban, Mary Wigman, Michel Fokine, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Yvonne Rainer, Trisha Brown, Pina Bausch. If this is too much information for you to digest, don’t panic! Help is at hand. This show, created with the light artist Jonathan O'Hear, subtitled A choreographic and pedagogical one man show about his/stories of dance, demonstrates how certain choreographic trends have helped to shape contemporary art. Bursting with anecdotes, which serve as a timely reminder that dance is as old as humanity itself, Foofwa dImobilite? rumbustiously decodes the myriad forms of dance that have been created over the last 125 years and that are still being used today. He literally walks the talk by singing the music himself, describing the costumesand stage design and proving that the history of dance is alive and kicking.


    Date: 7:30 pm, Dec 1st-2nd & 2:30 pm, Dec 3rd, 2017

    Venue: Experimental Theater, Shanghai international dance center

          (1650 Hongqiao Road)

    Price: RMB 180/280


    Groups Introduction

    Born Frédéric Gafner in Geneva in 1969, son of Brazilian prima ballerina and dance teacher Beatriz Consuelo and solo dancer turned theatre photographer Claude Gafner, Foofwa dImobilité studied at the Geneva Dance Centre and worked with the Ballet Junior (1981-1987) under his mothers direction. He then danced professionally with the Stuttgart Ballet in Germany (1987-1990) before joining the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in New York, where he danced in thirteen of the choreographers creations between 1991 and 1998.


    He began working as a choreographer in New York in 1998, creating three multimedia solos. In 2000, he founded the Neopost Foofwa company (formerly “Neopost Ahrrrt) in Geneva, with which he produced several group performances with dancers such as Anja Schmidt. Foofwa has worked in collaboration with mix-media artist Alan Sondheim; artist Antoine Lengo; musicians Fast Forward, Jim ORourke, Christian Marclay, Elliot Sharp, Polar, Brice Catherin, Claude Jordan, Nicolas Sordet and Séni; visual artists Nicolas Rieben and Alexia Walther; videographers Pascal Magnin, Nicolas Wagnières and Pascal Dupoy; choreographers Thomas Lebrun and Corina Pia; author Mathieu Bertholet; lighting designers Liliane Tondellier, Marc Gaillard, Jean-Marc Serre, Marc Gaillard, Yves Godin and Jonathan OHear; scientists Olaf Blanke and Vincent Barras; dance researcher Annie Suquet; and journalist-critic Christina Thurner.


    He has studied the relationship between dance and sport and invented the “dancerun, a hybrid activity between dancing and running over several kilometres, either on stage with Perform.dancerun.2 (2003) or outside with Kilometrix.dancerun.4 (2003). He then studied the relationship between audience and choreographic work in The Making of Spectacles (2008) and Quai du Sujet (2007); the digital body in Media Vice Versa (2002), Avatar dance series, Second Live series (videos), and Body Toys (2007); the historicity of the dancing body in Descendansce (2000), Le Show (2001), MIMESIX (2005), Benjamin de Bouillis (2005), Musings (2009), Pina Jackson in Mercemoriam (2009) and Histoires Condansées (2011).


    Foofwa has been commissioned by the Nederlands Dans Theater II, the Bern Ballet, the Ballet Junior de Genève, the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD) and the Festival dAvignon in 2010 for Au Contraire (à partir de Jean-Luc Godard). He has received the financial backing of the Geneva and the Swiss authorities every year since 2002 and received awards from the Leenaards Foundation in 1999 and the prestigious New York Foundation for Contemporary Arts in 2009. He was also awarded the Prix de Lausanne in 1987, the New York Bessie Award in 1995, the Swiss Dance and Choreography Prize in 2006 and the first Swiss Prize for Dance in the outstanding male dancer category in September 2013, among other prizes.


    His works often run counter to contemporary minimalism. They are rather “supermodern, following Marc Augé’s concept of supermodernity, since they often relate to the superabundance of information in our contemporary societies. His most recent works, such as Utérus, pièce dintérieur (2014), Lengage (2013), Soi-même comme un autre (2014) and Dancewalk - 100 kilomètres de danse et de musique (2015), focus on the practice of being present and free, which allows the works to be permeable to unpredictability, spontaneity and authenticity.


    His collaboration with lighting designer and scenographer Jonathan O’Hear since 2009 has become primordial, and together they have shared the artistic and organisational direction of Neopost Foofwa since 2013.


    Staff List

    Concept, text and performance: Foofwa d'Imobilite?

    Lighting designer: Jonathan O'Hear

    Producer: Neopost Foofwa

  • Modern dance


    No Dialogue·No Surtitles

    Duration: 70mins (No Intermission)


    Aakash Odedre Dance Company [UK] Presents


    Three directores tailor made.



    Rising is the successful debut production of Aakash Odedra Company. It features four works performed by Aakash, exploring different processes and aesthetics to create a new personal language.Aakash performs solos choreographed by Russell Maliphant, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan and himself and featuring lighting by Michael Hulls and Willy Cessa. All use Aakash’s background in Kathak and Bharatanatyam to create a distinct flavour of contemporary dance.


    Date: 7:30 pm, Nov 16th-18th, 2017

    Venue: Experimental Theater, Shanghai international dance center

          (1650 Hongqiao Road)

    Price: RMB 80/180/280/380


    *The performance consist 4 solos of 15 minutes each. Latecomers will NOT be admitted into the auditorium until the end of part 1.


    Groups Introduction

    Lightning and thunder. Light and sound. The illusions of distance and nearness they convey in a sky that deceptively appears a constant. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui has been fascinated by the different images these convey, while their source is often one and the same. He seeks to highlight different patterns of sound and different sources of light that come together to create a constellation, a system where things are kept suspended and in movement by each others’ gravitational fields and contending forces. By the flow of light and sound emanating from darkness and their return to that state. All this with and through Aakash as the locus, the astral body generating its own rhythms and luminosity.


    Staff List


    Choreographer: Russell Maliphant 

    Lighting: Michael Hulls

    Music: Andy Cowton

    Rehearsal Director: Lewis Major


    In The Shadow of Man

    Choreographer: Akram Khan

    Lighting:  Michael Hulls

    Music: Jocelyn Pook

    Rehearsal Directors: Jose Agudo and Lewis Major



    Choreographer: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

    Lighting:  Willy Cessa

    Music: Olga Wojciechowska

    Rehearsal Directors: Paul Zivkovich and Lewis Major


    Nritta (Kathak)

    Choreographer: Aakash Odedra

    Music arranger:  Aakash Odedra

  • Dance Theater


    No Dialogue·Murmur·No Surtitles

    Duration: 60mins (No Intermission)


    Cie zeitSprung [Switzerland] Presents


    The crazy grandma takes you to rock the world.



    Komplizen is an investigative exploration of what defines communities of people with a shared goal. The formation of such a community is not much different from that of a gang who accomplishes to rob a bank. Meret SCHLEGEL, the mature dancer, is a ghost, a hostess and the gang leader centering the dance piece that is full of youthfulness, stoic composure and 70’s funk. The community is created and mixed together through elements of slapstick, silent movies and a celebration of breakdown. It empowers the audience to start their own gang and invites them to search for their own accomplices.


    Date: 7:30 pm, Dec 24th-25th, 2017

    Venue: Experimental Theater, Shanghai international dance center

     (1650 Hongqiao Road)

    Price: RMB 120/180/220


    Groups Introduction

    Cie zeitSprung was founded in 2013 by Meret Schlegel and Kilian Haselbeck after successfully touring their works To Be or Orthopadie and the subsequent full length work Orthopadie or to be, both of which were met with critical acclaims. Meret has had a long and distinguished career in dance both on stage and off, performing across Europe and the U.S. Kilian started dancing with Hip Hop and was subsequently trained in ballet and contemporary dance. Meret and Kilian were receivers of dance award from the City of Zurich in 2013 and 2014 respectively.


    Staff List

    Concept / Choreography: Meret Schlegel, Kilian Haselbeck

    Dramaturgy: Andreas Storm

    Rehearsal Advisor: Simone Truong

    Lighting: David Baumgartner

    Costume: Nic Tillein

    Live Music: Nello Novela

    Dancers: Meret Schlegel, Kilian Haselbeck, Manel Salas Palau, Tsai Kuan-Ling

  • Hip Hop Modern dance


    No Dialogue·No Surtitles

    Duration: 60mins (No Intermission)


    E.sperimenti Dance Company [Italy] Presents


    When Hiphop meets Opera.



    Hopera is a dreamlike journey in the melodies of famous Bel Canto. The choreography is composed of a high energy movement language that is drawn from different genres and styles. Sprinkled with gestural plots, nonsense and a touch of madness, the arias by Verdi, Leoncavallo, Rossini, Handel and Mozart are re-interpreted in the dance piece with a new perspective that is filled with subtle humour and youthful vigour. Tradition and innovation are knitted nicely together and make this work appealing to audience both young and old.


    Date: 7:30 pm, Dec 9th & 2:30 pm, Dec 10th, 2017

    Venue: Grand Theater, Shanghai international dance center

     (1650 Hongqiao Road)

    Price: RMB 80/180/280/380/480


    Groups Introduction

    E.sperimenti Dance Company was co-founded by GALIMBERTI, VIRGILIIS, and DI LUZIO,who have been working together for 10 years, performing throughout America, Europe and Asia, including presentations in several Year of Italian Culture expeditions. Being co-founders, dancers and choreographers from different backgrounds and with varied experiences, the ensemble exhibits strong individuality and harmony at the same time and create a special dynamic that speaks to the general public.


    Staff List

    Choreograph: Federica GALIMBERTI, Mattia DE VIRGILIIS, Francesco DI LUZIO

    Music: Verdi, Leoncavallo, Rossini, Handel, Mozart

    Music Consultan: Marco SCHIAVON

    Set: Angelo CIOCI

    Lighting: Angelo CIOCI-S.T.C.T

    Costume: E.D.C.

    Dancers: Federica Galimberti, Filippo Braco, Mattiade Virgiliis, Francesco Di Luzio, Eleonora Lippi, Stefano Otoyo, Silvia Pinna, Daniele Toti, Andrea Ferrarini (Substitute)

  • Documentary Theatre

    About My Parents and Their Child

    Chinese Dialogue·Chinese and English Surtitles

    Duration: 90 mins (No Intermission)


    Ibsen International [China] Presents


    Who are my parents? Am I their Child?



    "About My Parents and Their Child" is a documentary-theater work about the relationship between parents and children in China, its dynamics, tensions, mutual expectations. The project departs from interviews made in five cities across China with young people (aging 21-38) and their parents. The project attempts, through an in-depth dialogue with parents and children, to find out the changes underwent by the institution of family throughout the span of 2 generations. How are "family values" changing, and why? Is having a child still the ultimate life-fulfilling purpose? How is modernization changing Chinese society, and what's the residual influence of tradition?


    Date: 7:30 pm, Dec 9th & 2:00pm, Dec10th, 2017

    Venue: 1933 Micro Theatre (2nd Floor Building#1, No.611 Liyang Road)

    Price: RMB 120


    Groups Introduction

    Ibsen International promotes the creative meeting of artists. We curate, produce, and tour highquality performing art worldwide. We believe in the potential of cultural exchange, and facilitate collaboration of artists worldwide, without restrictions of nationality, gender or faith. Performing arts stand at the core of our humanity and can communicate across all languages and cultures. Our projects depart from the core themes of Henrik Ibsen’s works, as they address topics of extreme relevance to the contemporary world (i.e. human rights, gender equality, environmental protection, fight against corruption, positive process of globalization). Ibsen International welcomes creative interaction within the performing arts and beyond them. We encourage collaboration across different genres (theatre, dance, opera ) as well as different disciplines (academic research, media, education). Being from the performing arts ourselves, we appreciate the difficulties performing artists face. That is why we support the whole creative process, following the creative team from original concept until the final form.


    Staff List

    Director: Matthias Jochmann

    Performers: Wang Hailin, Zou Xueping,Zhang Jiahuai ,Zhu Sujie

    Director Assistant: Liu Xuemeng

    Dramaturge: Vilma ?tritof

    Video Interview: Zou Xueping, Fan Popo

    Documentary: Fan Popo

    Video Designer: Matthias Jochmann, Zou Xueping

    Light Designer: Su Peng, Dong Zhaomeng

    Graphic Designer: Wang Jiang

    Photographer: Trixie Wang, Fan Popo

    Producer: Fabrizio Massini

    Executive Producer: Jennifer Zhang

    Commissioned by: Ibsen International

    Co-Produced by: Goethe-Institut China, Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival 

    Commissioned by Ibsen International as part of Ibsen in China 2016