• Germinal


    Halory Goerger, Antoine Defoort[France] Presents


    French Dialogue·Mandarin Surtitles

    Duration: 75 mins (No Intermission)


    Absurd, inventive and driven by a mischievous sense of play,

    this is theatre that tears up its own foundations.

  • My Great Work (An Ambitious Project)

    Objects Theatre

    David Espinosa [Spain (Catalunya)] Presents


    No Dialogue·No Surtitles

    Duration: 50 mins (No Intermission)


    1:87 scale theatre

  • Medium

    Dance Theatre

    Rianto [Indonesia] Presents


    No Dialogue·No Surtitles

    Duration: 40 mins (No Intermission)


    the body as a space beyond binary opposites

  • Shan Hai Jing

    Physical Theatre

    Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre [China] Presents


    A Few Dialogues in Manderin·No Surtitles

    Duration: 80 mins (No Intermission)


    A highly visual, physically explosive,

    celebration of the power of our imagination.

  • The Exception and the Rule


    Shota Rustaveli State Drama Theatre [Georgia] Presents


    Georgian Dialogue·Chinese Surtitles

    Duration:100 mins (10 mins Intermission)


    A larky fable in two acts by Bertolt Brecht

  • Overload


    Sotterraneo [Italy] Presents


    English Dialogue·Chinese Surtitles

    Duration: 60 mins (No Intermission)


    Ubu Award 2018 for the Best Italian Show of the Year

    Best of BE Festival (UK)

  • The Bride

    2019 ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival Commission

    Dance Theater

    Bing Luo [China] Presents


    Chinese Dialogue·English Surtitles

    Duration:60 mins (No Intermission)


    A Bridal Dance Raid

  • Judith


    Roberta Carreri, Odin Teatret [Denmark] Presents


    Some words in Italian·No Surtitles

    Duration: 60 mins (No Intermission)


    violent, vulnerable, an ocean of luminous and murderous eroticism

  • EIZO Theater[Japan]